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Business Consultation

Private Client Solutions

Over many years we have achieved great outcomes for a variety of clients, for a variety of reasons. Whether it be an overseas house sale, dealing with solicitors on your behalf or taking away as much stress as possible, we are here to help.

Get in touch via phone or email and see if we can provide a solution to assist. 

International Inheritance

It's always a difficult situation when it involves inheritance, we can assist by both dealing with you and your solicitor to take away extra stress, and ensure you don't lose money on the transfer. 

International Property

In addition to choosing a new property overseas, you must budget for areas such as legal fees and taxes. You may also have to sell an existing property, which can take time. With exchange rates always on the move, the impact of rate movements can lead to a sudden increase in the cost of your overseas property.

Overseas Education

We have a large group of overseas students in several countries which need to pay education fees, these can add up over a 4 year term, so making the most of the exchange rate can be a smart move. 

Overseas Pension

Each time you transfer your pension overseas you could be getting charged fees, and be caught with a poor exchange rate, let us see if we can save you some extra money over time. 

International Salary

Got a job overseas, or sending money back home, we can help with access to better exchange rates and an online platform which you can transact at your convenience. 

Luxury Goods

A large luxury purchase, a boat, car, diamond ring, we have covered them all and have saved clients thousands of dollars, get in touch the next time you're making a large purchase and see how we can help. 

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