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How we got started.

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CB3 Global Payments began after working in the Foreign Exchange and Global Payments business for almost 7 years with two award winning companies. 

I had a previous client approach me a problem, they were looking to expand overseas, and didn't know what was the best way to manage their payments in multiple currencies, in multiple countries. After extensive research on my part I found a solution, I was able to provide them with in-country accounts for several currencies, and a 24/7 online dashboard to manage it, it has assisted them grow their business and saved a lot of time and hard work in the process. 

It had been over 3 months and they were still trying to open a bank account in Germany, with no luck and jumping through several hoops, which was frustrating, time consuming and not profitable. 

Once they came on board with CB3, we had accounts active in Germany, the UK, USA and Ireland within 24-48 hours, problems solved and getting paid was on the move. 

By providing a solution to a huge pain point, I realised that there must be many companies in the same situation, so I decided to launch CB3 and focus on assisting businesses that trade internationally, we can provide International Banking with no local presence in over 30 countries, we now assist online sellers, online business coaches, export companies, and businesses that are successful in Australia and want to launch into new markets. 

Coupling these tools with the added benefits of saving money, time, and getting the best advice around the markets, having a suite of products to both manage risk, while taking advantage of market moves has given us the ability to be in a very unique position to help businesses grow. 

Having myself run an importing and exporting business with my family and travelled throughout Asia to buy stock before entering the world of Foreign Exchange, I understand that movements in the exchange rate have a knock on effect on profits, customer value and making a deal work or not. 

Using this experience I'm able to understand a clients process, pricing and provide options and solutions to manage risk, especially during these past 12-18 months where rates have been volatile, shipping has become very expensive and prices are a little out of control. 

My role is to ensure that we have your risk covered first, then we can look to see how we can improve your processes and save you money, time and overall become an integral part of your business. 

I look forward to speaking with you, please email or call me for an obligation free chat and we can see if we would be a good fit for your business.

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